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Aurora is Luxa's bond. She is a beautiful golden furred bat. She is known throughout Regalia for both her bond, Queen Luxa, and her distinctive fur. Gregor admires her for how graceful she is, However, she is shy. She doesn't talk very much around others, except possibly Luxa (seeing as the two are bonds). She appears to get along with most if not all of rest if the characters and normally speaks with a quiet, even tone, not often losing her temper. She is noted to have been close friends with Ares, a possible love interest of hers. During the time that Luxa and Aurora were lost in the jungle, she dislocated her wing. But thanks to Hamnet, she made a full recovery after her wing was set back into place. She was as grateful to the nibblers as Luxa was. She was one of the ones who escorted Gregor to the overland at the end of the series, along with Luxa and Nike.


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