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The Bane is a giant white gnawer who is saved by Gregor in The Prophecy of Bane, who leaves it with Ripred to raise and make sure he won't become the killer Sandwich intended it to become. Though Ripred couldn't stop Pearlbelt becoming The Bane as it was his fate. He is the monster in The Prophecy Of Time. The Bane is a white rat that will appear every few centuries and is described to be taller, stronger, and faster than other rats. It will be a natural leader and is capable of uniting the rats and causing much havoc. The main antagonist in the series is Pearlpelt, who is the Bane. In Gregor and the Code of Claw, the Bane leads the gnawers against the humans, and battles Gregor, nearly killing him each time. Later in the second fight, the Bane is killed, as he kills Ares.

Pearlpelt's mother was Goldshard