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Bartholomew of Sandwich was the man who led a band of eight hundred men into the Underland. In the early 1600's, Sandwich lived in England and had a vision in his dream one night of an underground palace in a faraway land. Because Sandwich believed that life above the surface of the Earth would come to an end, he and eight hundred other people set sail and arrived in New York. He also wrote hundreds of prophecies for the people of the Underland.

He familiarized himself with the local Native American tribe, whom knew of the underground place he was hoping to find. He ordered the construction of a city to be built underground, with the supplies to live there forever. After fifty years of preparing to go under, Sandwich and his people sealed all of the entrances, except for five. They searched for a land to call their own under the endless maze of the Underland.

They fell in love with the land where Regalia would eventually be built, but there was one problem: the land was already inhabited by diggers, giant star-nosed moles. In order to build on it, Sandwich poisoned the mole's water supply. Eventually, the humans thought the moles all died out, but in Gregor Code of Claw they find out some are still alive. They built the legendary palace of which Sandwich had predicted, and named it Regalia. Sandwich then began to have visions more frequently. He then began to carve them out on a stone wall. Some of these prophecies include the Prophecy of Gray, of Bane, of Blood, of Secrets, of Time, the arrival of the warrior and the peacemaker, and several others.