Species information

Crawler (Clicking noises)

Skin color

black, brown

Feather color


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Native range


Height of avg. adult

60.96 cm (2' 0")

Length of avg. adult

121.92 cm (4' 0")

Crawlers are what the Underlanders call the giant cockroaches that live in the Underland. They are often slow to act and do not fight well, preferring instead to retreat. They have an inborn sense of danger that is unrivaled among Underland creatures. All names of known crawlers reference time, a word the crawlers use to reference life.

Unlike the nibblers, they have trouble with math, even simple counting and addition. They typically don't know many English words, and talk in broken sentences.

Their land is large and flat, with low ceilings. This is ideal for them because they have plenty of land to retreat, and it would be difficult for humans or gnawers to fight under the low ceilings. They also have a big population. A river goes through the land that the crawlers fish from, making food supply sparse for the gnawers downriver.

Known CrawlersEdit