Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane is the second book in the Underland Chronicles. It was published in the U.S. on September 1, 2004 by Scholastic Press.

When Gregor goes sledding with his youngest sister, Boots, he loses track of the time, only to discover his sister is gone. He discovers that she has been taken by the Crawlers, the giant cockroaches of the Underland.

After following the Crawlers back to Regalia, Gregor discovers he must fulfill another prophecy, the Prophecy of Bane. He teams up with the cousin of Luxa, Howard, his bond Pandora, Mareth, Andromeda, Ares, Ripred, and a scent-seer named Twitchtip on a journey to kill a fearsome white rat known as the Bane.

On his quest, he discovers that his decisions may have monumental consequences, and that the fate of the Underland resides in his hands.