Hazard, his father Hamnet, and their companion, the hisser, Frill met up with Gregor and the rest of the team going in search of the Starshade. During the fight with the cutters, Hazard fled with Boots on Aurora. Unfortunately, Hazard's father, Hamnet, and his guardian lizard, Frill , are killed in the fight. In his dying breath, Hamnet tells his niece, Luxa, that he does not wish for his son to ever be trained in combat. After learning about his father and Frill's death, Hazard goes to live with his cousin, Luxa, in Regalia. Because Hazard is not allowed to train in combat, he is trained in the art of languages. He can speak in many different tongues of the Underland creatures, including fluent Hisser, some Nibbler, basic Crawler, and a few words of Gnawer, Spinner, and Flier. Hazard helped teach Boots how to speak Crawler.

During the final installment of the series (Gregor and the Code of Claw) Hazard is given the job of caring for the many parentless Nibbler pups. Later he's seen reuniting Nibblers with their families as he is one of the only in Regalia who speaks Nibbler.