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History: Henry was Luxa's cousin, and was the second underlander foretold to come on the quest in "The Prophecy of Gray". He is shown to make jokes at other's expense, especially Gregor. Henry came on the first quest with Luxa and his bonded bat, Ares. He greatly disapproved of Ripred joining the crew, and even tried to murder him in his sleep before Gregor interfered. In the Dead Land it is revealed that Henry betrayed Luxa and the other questers  in order to gain power from King Gorger. When Gregor leaps into a gorge to save the questers, Henry falls after him, expecting Ares to catch him. However, Ares decides to rescue Gregor and allow Henry to fall to his death. Henry was mentioned several times in later books, such as Stellovet saying: "Luxa has always been an expert on rats, no matter how many legs they have." Henry was a topic of great pain to Luxa because they were very close and she was conflicting by mourning his death and hating him for betraying her. It is revealed in the second book that Henry chose Ares as his bond because they were both rule-breakers. Henry was the one who found the secret stairway in the old nursery.

Appearance: Henry has a classic Underlander appearance, with pale skin, purple eyes and silvery blonde hair. He is described as being a bit older than Luxa, since Henry was around when the new nursery hadn't been built. Therefore, in the first book, his age was probably around 14-16.