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Mrs. Cormaci
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Species Human


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Mrs. Cormaci was one of Gregor's family's neighbors in his apartment building. She helps take care of his father when he and his siblings are at school, and Grace is at work.In the second and so on books she gives Gregor money each Saturday when he does her errands,she also gave him new shoes which helped him a lot in his adventures since his old shoes were torn. She also gives them food.  She is very nice to Gregor.  She pays Gregor $40 every Sunday for helping her. She doesn't believe Gregor when he tells her that he had the flu. At the end of the third book, Gregor tells Mrs. Cormaci about the Underland. After learning about Ripred, Mrs. Cormaci always makes sure to send Gregor to the Underland for his lessons with Ripred with food for Ripred. She helps out Gregor's family a lot.