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Giant Sqid

It is known that giant squids live in the waterways of the underland.


The squid seems to be bioluminescent although the reason is unknown. They have poisonous or venomous suction cups used to latch on to their prey.

Gregor and the Prophecy of BaneEdit

In book 2 of the Underland Chronicles, the "questers" (as Gregor calls them) were on a journey to kill the Bane and were traveling via the Waterway.

Depction of Gregor fighting the squid in The Prophecy of Bane

Gregor was on watch, despite being extremely tired. He eventually fell asleep and woke up to something grasping his arm. What he thought was Boots was actually a giant squid that pulled him under the water. He would have been completely submerged had his boot not been caught on the edge of the boat. A tug-of-war ensued between Ares and the squid, in which Gregor was the rope. Meanwhile, the other passengers were well awake and attempting to battle the many tentacles surrounding the ship. Gregor managed to loosen the squid's grip by biting into it, giving Ares the opprtunity to heave him out of the water. Back in the boat, he witnessed Temp get dragged over the edge while defending a sleeping Boots. Seeing his sister vulnerable triggered Gregor's rager abilities. He lost control and continued fighting until he was stopped by Mareth . The sight of him fighting had frightened Boots who was reduced to tears. Ares, meanwhile, had rescued Temp who had lost two legs in the fight. Squid is a rare delicacy for the shiners who immediately cleaned up the tentacles in the boat. Gregor said something about the squid poisoning him before blacking out. The squid's suckers had left deep purple marks on his arm that oozed green pus. Had Howard not sucked the venom from his arm, they would have had to amputate it. As it is, Gregor is left with six scars on his left arm.