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Temp the crawler, along with his friend, Tick, were the first beings that Gregor and Boots encountered in the Underland. He appears in all the books and watches over the younger ones. He was not given to complain and would defend Boots at all costs.

Like other crawlers, Temp speaks in somewhat broken sentences, and has difficulties with counting and other basic math. However, Temp is a naturally skilled teacher, and teaches Hazard and Boots to speak Crawler with endless patience. Temp is also very good at perceiving danger.

In the first book, he gives Boots a ride, addressing her as 'Princess'. Later he,along with Tick, join the quest. Tick helps him escape with Boots, Gregor, Luxa Henry, Ares, Aurora, Ripred, and Gox. In book two,he warns them against the island with the mites, and Luxa and Aurora catch him and Boots. In book three,he figures out the Vineyard of Eyes isn't the cradle,and the starshade isn't the cure. In book four, he warns them against the poisonous fumes. In book 5,he helps Boots in the code room.