Twitchtip is a Gnawer who joins Gregor in the Prophecy of Bane. As a scent seer, she has the ability to smell almost anything (including color). Because she was a scent seer, the other gnawers treated her badly and forced her away to fend for herself. On the way to kill the bane, Gregor's party encounters a giant whirlpool into which Twitchtip falls. After being saved by Gregor, she informs him that he is a rager after having noticed similarities in the scent that he exudes while fighting and Ripred's.

Whilst in a fight with the Serpents, she had her nose smashed in and because of this, she lost her sense of smell. She was last seen in the labyrinth where she said she could not go on anymore and that they should go without her.

Later, Gregor decided to decifer some messages and discovered a slightly old one that read "TWITCHTIP DIED IN PIT." Twitchtip was believed to be dead due to extensive torture from the Gnawers for info on Gregor the Warrior. This deeply upset many of the Underlanders members who felt ashamed of how badly they treated her. Howard said Gregor should be the only one not to feel ashamed, but he still missed her. The news of her death brought Gregor to tears