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The Vineyard of Eyes is a place deep within the Underland region known as The Jungle. The Vineyard was first introduced in book 3, as the Cradle. The Prophecy of Blood, calls for a plague that will wipe out the Underland's warmbloods if a cure is not found. Dr. Neveeve, a doctor in Regalia who personally treats all the plague patients, suggests that the cure is Starshade. Starshade is a plant that only grows in one part of the Underland, the Vineyard of Eyes. It lies deep in the jungle, of which it is the most dangerous part. At first Gregor thought it was beautiful and did not fear it at all. Then he remembered that looks can be deceiving in the jungle. As the party enters the Vineyard they notice that it is covered in flowers that seem to have eyes. The eyes move to watch them, as they slowly make their way through. Hamlet leads the party into a clearing that Gregor points out is a perfect circle. It has a mind of its own. The Vineyard isn't just a pile of plants, it has a brain, as suggested. It created the geometrically perfect circle that they now sat. The Vineyard has a portion that leads to a field of Starshade, which is dangerous the most dangerous part. The plants around this path release a gas, that when inhaled cause a person or creature to lose sense of where they are and give off a strong sense of well-being and happiness. When the party goes through, Boots and Gregor ride upon Ripred's back, Luxa rides on top of Lapblood's back and Aurora and Nike ride together on Frill along with Hazard. Hamnet brings up the rear as fast as he can. The Vineyard is one of the most dangerous places in the Underland and not a single person was even the slightest bit excited for the trip to begin with.