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Wevox is the queen of the spinners/spiders. She was in book one and possibly  the fifth book during the final battle. Queen Wevox and Vikus had a small trade alliance so Wevox and the other spinners did not kill Vikus and the questers when he came to ask permission to take two spinners on quest to find Gregor's dad. She did not accept and they were made prisoners. When the questers tried to escape, the queen caught Luxa and was about to poison her with her fangs. Gregor shot her with root beer and she fell back, allowing the questers to escape.

While Wevox appeared in no other books, it is assumed that she remained the queen. If so, in the Code of Claw, either she or one of her soldiers betrayed Solovet to the rats. However, her troops stood with the Regalians and co against the Bane in the last battle.